About Me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog, Whisk-And-Sift-Bakery (which I hope will be my bakery name one day).  I'm your whisking baker, TB and this is my first attempt at a blog.  You see I love to dabble in different areas, basically whatever I'm obsessing over at the moment and that seems to currently be coupons, online forums, blogs, etc. To tell you a little about myself. I am a mother to 2 boys, A.P who is 15 & D.B. who is 10, as well as a wife of 7 years to an amazing man, who we will call Mr. B.

My love for baking & cooking hasn't always been what I would call mutual. Let's say it was a love/hate relationship. I loved to do it, and the food hated ME making it, therefore it was rarely what you would classify as "good". In fact I remember the first time I attempted to make Mr. B. one of his favorites, fried chicken. Easy right?  NO! I actually wound up serving him raw chicken, and being the good man he is, Mr. B acted like he ate it, but later went out to McDonald's for dinner without me knowing. My darling husband appreciates a good meal, and for him that didn't consist of Hamburger Helper or Betty Crocker (nothing wrong with Betty though)!

After a few years of trial and error, and a lot of processed food, one day I stumbled upon the Food Network & Bravo, and became obsessed with cooking reality shows. This broadened my horizons to revisit the world of foodies. I am self-taught with many mishaps and messy kitchens, ruined pans & pots, well you get the idea. But what really did it was when our family made a 2 year move to Austin, Texas. It was just us four, new town, new jobs, new everything. Money was tight for a few months, and I started to make everything from scratch as my hobby. This is where I began to fall in love with baking & cooking, again.

Well almost 3 years later, here we are back in the Carolina's with my wish upon a whisk of owning a bakery one day! You can contact me by email if you have any question at whiskandsift at gmail dot com. If you want to repost something I've posted here I only ask you link back to my blog as your original source.

I can't tell you what this journey or blog will amount to, but grab your whisks and get ready.~

Your Whisking Baker,